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3D Art Assets / Packages / Sets Of The Month [ June, 2018 ]

The Best Art Assets Of The Month - May 2018 *Note: These assets are separated based on the category : ENVIRONMENT, CHARACTERS & PROPS
ENVIRONMENTS Epic Mountains Pack
RPG Medival Kingdom Kit
Coppered Steampunk Island - Big Kit
ArchVizPRO Interior Vol.5
Dynamic Nature - Starter

Giant Spiders Animated
PBR Creatures (Pack)
PBR Customized Soldier

PROPS 14 Arrow Animations
HQ Industrial Mega Kit
Rubble & Debris - Modular Set
Clothing Pack PRO vol.1
SCI-FI Laboratory Props
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Productivity Upgrade - Unity Asset Store [ June, 2018 ]

Productivity Boost - Assets That Help Make A Better Game In Less Time *Note: These assets are not arranged in any way, no comparison is done. They are just really cool assets that will help make your entire workflow more streamlined as well as deliver output faster.😁.
Well a new month has arrived and it's time to see more of those cool assets on the Unity asset store.

8.Blender Actions - 3x faster level building tool - For anyone with prior knowledge of working in Blender this asset should be in your radar. This asset introduces a Blender-Hotkey based gizmo along with a number of useful actions from Blender in to Unity. It comes with full source code as well thereby allowing to customize it to fit your needs. One major feature this has is a collider editor which as you know editing colliders is a bit cumbersome.
7.MonKey - Commander - It is an asset that regards itself as the ultimate way of using your Unity editor and it's not talking crap either. It provides a extensive…

Screen Space Multi-Colored Fog - Unity Shader

Screen Space Multi-Colored Fog This is how the shader will end up looking : This shader is completely an image effect hence the title - 'Screen Space'. This method allows a great deal of control on how the fog will be rendered. The main concept explored here is the use of the 'Depth Texture' which is basically the value of the distance of a pixel from the camera. The concept of a 'Depth Texture' is also needed to implement effects like SSAO, Soft Particles, Translucency and many more.
Here is the colour ramp used :
So let's start by looking at the properties :
Properties { _MainTex ("Texture", 2D) = "white" {} _ColorLookUp("Fog Colour Look Up", 2D) = "white"{} _FogSpread("Fog Spread", Float) = 10.0 } As we except from an image effect shader there will always have a '_MainTex' input which the what the camera sees.
Additionally we have two more properties declared :
1) _ColorLookUp which is a textur…

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