Software I've Made

I dabble in a bit of everything so I get to know a little about a lot of things( being a generalist here)
and have been trying recently to focus on fewer stuff. So mainly stuff related to graphics programming with OpenGL and writing shaders have been my main focus as of late.
I also work on my own game engine ( Para Engine ) and various other pieces of software ranging from QR Code Generators to Image Processing Tools and Shader IDEs.

So as I've said, I dabble a lot so some of the technologies that I have come across include OpenGL, Unity, WPF, WinForms, Processing Framework and many more.
The main projects that I have done and will keep improving upon (hopefully) is my Game engine and my Code Summarizer ( Takes C# Code And Makes HTML Output With Documentation ).
I have all my work posted on my Github and some the major work I have done along with source code and a ready to use binary can be found here.