Productivity Upgrade - Unity Asset Store [ June, 2018 ]

Productivity Boost - Assets That Help Make A Better Game In Less Time
*Note: These assets are not arranged in any way, no comparison is done. They are just really cool assets that will help make your entire workflow more streamlined as well as deliver output faster.😁.
Well a new month has arrived and it's time to see more of those cool assets on the Unity asset store.

8.Blender Actions - 3x faster level building tool - For anyone with prior knowledge of working in Blender this asset should be in your radar. This asset introduces a Blender-Hotkey based gizmo along with a number of useful actions from Blender in to Unity. It comes with full source code as well thereby allowing to customize it to fit your needs. One major feature this has is a collider editor which as you know editing colliders is a bit cumbersome.
7.MonKey - Commander - It is an asset that regards itself as the ultimate way of using your Unity editor and it's not talking crap either. It provides a extensive list of commands for use by artists as well as programmers and removes the hassle of having to do repetitive tasks or navigate lengthy menus.

6.Texture Adjustments - Have you every had to deal with artist just to make minor changes to a texture? Maybe the hue or saturation ? Then this asset you make your life way easier. You will be able to do more than just hue and saturation changes by the way, Even blurring, pixelating, cropping, colour replacement and many more. If you deal with many texture assets then this is for you.

5.Octave3D -Level Design - Level designing is now an easy task with this amazing asset. Tons of useful features are included. They have a dedicated tutorial series so that you don't have to fiddle around and see what does what. The best thing about this is that it work with 2D games as well.
4.Arcolib - It is a set of tools for the speeding up the construction of modern augmented reality apps thereby allowing you to design your mixed reality games faster and easier than ever.
The native core is written in C++ so no need to worry about performance issues.
3.AI designer - Pro - It allows you to craft complex AI without a single line of code. With just a few clicks you can have have fully functioning people, vehicles, wild life etc. Can be used in any game where NPCs or enemy assets are present. This asset deal with a wide variety of AI types as well, Ranging from path finding to Goal systems to emotion and feeling.
2.TODOs - This asset neatly displays the pending tasks left to do in your code base. As you leave TODOs in your C# scripts, the asset collects them and neatly displays them in the editor. This enables you to keep track of issues as well as set the priority of each task. A really useful tool to have around.
1.uConsole - Allows the creation of an in-game console, especially useful while debugging games on a specified platform like Android or iOS. Extremely customizable as well as supporting a whole range of cool features like Autocompletion and Richtext support.
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