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Types Of Programming Languages

Well to understand the different types of programming languages we must first understand what a programming language is.
What is a programming language and why do we need it? A programming language like any other language you and I speak, is a means to translate tasks or instructions to be performed from the user side to the computer side, say, you’re playing Super Mario on your computer, now you know that pressing your space bar forces Mario to jump, but your computer doesn’t understand that unless translated, it’s kind of like me saying “私はマリオです (watashi wa Mario desu)” to you, unless you know the language you have no clue as to what to make of the statement.
This is where our handy helper the programming language steps in, think of it like the google translate, you search for the statement on there to get an understandable answer in your native tongue. Similarly, the programming language is a vocabulary for you and your computer to understand one another, a dictionary if you mus…

Visual Upgrade - Unity Asset Store [ June, 2018 ]

Visual Overhaul - Assets That Turn Mediocre Into Drool Worthy *Note: These assets are not arranged in any way, no comparison is done. They are just really cool assets that will help make your game look at least a bit better.😁 .

8.Cascade - River, Lake, Waterfall and more- This is a one stop asset for all you rivers, lakes, waterfalls and various other water bodies in your  game. It is very much optimized and has a ton of features and properties to play around with.
7.Epic Toon FX - A collection of cartoony particle effects. These are separated on the basis of their use case, They are : Combat, Environment & Interactive.
6.CTAA Cinematic Temporal Anti-Aliasing PC & VR - It is an anti-alising solution of the highest quality. It works in both forward rendering as well as deferred rendering paths.This is a great option for all VR projects due to a significant increase in quality at little performance cost.
5.FXVille Blood Impact FX Pack - A set of really gory blood splatter…

Assets Worth Checking Out