Productivity Upgrade - Unity Asset Store [ August, 2018 ]

Productivity Boost - Assets That Help Make A Better Game In Less Time
*Note: These assets are not arranged in any way, no comparison is done. They are just really cool assets that will help make your entire workflow more streamlined as well as deliver output faster.😁.
Well a new month has arrived and it's time to see more of those cool assets on the Unity asset store.

8.Very Simple Combo Pack - Includes a lot of things bundled together : Very Simple Ads, Very Simple Rate, Very Simple Share, Very Simple Leaderboard & Very Simple GIF  project.
This asset drastically reduces the time required for setting up the basic mobile game features.
7.Fixed Camera Angle - The camera will either stay in a fixed location while the character roams about, or it will follow the player's movement only from a fixed angle and distance. Examples of games using fixed camera angle are Resident Evil, Dino Crisis, Until Down. Easy to use by a simple inspector which is categories tabs and ordered properties. The system has an extensive, fully customizable debugging panel that helps build complicated fixed cameras.
6.Open World PathFinding System- Works well with :
-Large open world.
-Many pathfinders.
-Buildings with multiple floors.
With this path finding system you will able to generate a path from a position to a destination (for humanoid units, animals, vehicles etc.) on every 3D ambients: Even large open worlds or building interiors with multiple floors.
5.Mega Flow - Have you ever wanted to simulate a wind tunnel in your game, or have leaves of snow blow through your village flowing naturally around buildings, speeding up down alley ways or settling slowly in the lee of an obstacle, Lava flowing down a volcano side or Waterfalls cascading over rocks, Or a car stirring up leaves as it drives along a road in Autumn, vortices for your plane wings, perhaps an object floating along fast moving water, tornadoes, or even simulate gravity around objects in space, if so then MegaFlow can help.
4.CScape City System - CScape is an optimized & powerful Cityscape generator that is able to create thousands of unique buildings.Main strength of this plugin is that it uses serious drawcall optimizations for extreme performance and sets new frontiers for realistic and performant rendering of massive worlds.
This magic is done by using few one-pass shaders/materials for a whole city landscape. This results in a extremely optimized performance while using Static/Dynamic Batching or Occlusion Culling.
3.FlexCompiler - FlexCompiler is a Unity3D editor extension intended as a handy tool for both asset publishers and game developers. It’s a simple GUI wrapper for csharp compilers to turn source codes to assemblies(dlls) right in Unity editor. It also features a basic obfuscation functionality.What for?
- For publishers: to close source
- For developers: to reduce project re-compiling time
2.Lunar Mobile Console - PRO - The best mobile log display available.
• Instant error notification (never miss an unhandled exception again)
• Quick logger output access with a multi touch gesture (swipe two fingers down)
• User-defined actions and variables
• Transparent log overlay
& Many more.
1.Multi Device Preview & Gallery - This gives you an accurate preview of your game for multiple devices, resolutions, and aspects, at a glance.
Preview at the device's physical size to check that your game content and UI are properly scaled, and use the resolutions and ratios previews to see how your game looks like on several configurations.
This is the very essential tool for developers making applications for multi resolution devices, like mobile developers.
No more bad surprises, no more tedious checks, no need to buy dozens of devices. This asset will save you a lot of time, which you can use to focus on your game!
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