Visual Upgrade - Unity Asset Store [ Paid Assets, May 2018 ]

Visual Overhaul - Assets That Turn Mediocre Into Drool Worthy
*Note: These assets are not arranged in any way, no comparison is done. They are just really cool assets that will help make your game look at least a bit better.😁 .

8.Smoke & Ember FX- This is a collection of warzone inspired effects mostly embers and smoke (just like the title suggests). A perfect use case for this asset would be as a menu background or in a cutscene. The best thing about this asset is that small tweaks are all that is required to use this in various different scenarios.
7.2DxFX: 2D Sprite FX -This is the creme de la creme of 2D sprite effects. This contains almost everything you would ever need to drastically improve the look of a 2D game. The best thing about this is that it is draw call optimized so mobile games can take full advantage of 2DxFX.

6.Colorful FX -It's a collection of fast and customizable post-processing effects. It's easy to use, optimized and multiple platforms supported. The entire source code is also included.

5.Volumetric Light Beam -Simple and efficient volumetric lighting solution for all Unity supported platforms. It is actual volumetric light works even if you camera is within volumetric volume. It runs really well on WebGL as well as on mobile platforms.

4.Camera LUTS 128+ Pack -A set 128+ LUTS (Look Up Tables) for colour correcting purposes. It's really fast so use with mobile is also an option.

3.Horizon Based Ambient Occlusion -HBAO is widely known to be the most accurate ambient occlusion solution out there and this asset provides without the run-time performance drop that you would expect.

2.Volumetric Fog & Mist -The best volumetric fog and mist solution on the Unity Asset store as of today. Huge amount of customization options allows you to tweak the effect to your hearts content. It's not using particle systems to achieve the effect, It's using a full-screen image effect to give the effect of clouds and mist.

1.Stylizer - Extended -An award winning asset on the Unity asset store. Very few other assets can completely change the look and feel of a game more than this particular asset. Stylizer is very well optimized as well as feature rich. Do not miss out on this wonderful asset.😁.
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