Secure Inc - A Segamathon Game Jam Game

Secure Inc was a game made in 72 hours in the game jam called SEGAMATHON, the only 'Security + Gaming + Hackathon' In India.

Team & Roles
Joseph ( Me ) - Programmer / Designer
Vatsan - Programmer / Designer
Geet - Artist

So the theme was supposed to be about cyber security and to deliver a game that would help bring awareness about cyber security threats ( And I Think We Have Achieved That...For The Most Part 😅 ).

As this was a competition, we got to meet a lot of other talented people who participated in the game jam. People who were shortlisted from all over India came to the event at the Leela in Gurugram.
(  It was pretty damn sweet 👌 )
When the game is about cyber security is very difficult to keep the player engaged, So we made sure that the game's visuals and backstory were good enough to keep the player involved with the game until the real meat of the game started to unfold.

We put together a short comic strip in the beginning of the game to set the tone of the game as well as the character of the player as being an over-enthusiastic employee who just wants to make his boss proud ( The Ideal Can Do No Wrong Typa Guy 😗 ).

The art style was simple yet beautiful, great work done by Geet.
A glimpse of the game
We decided to go with a game where the layout will be split into different rooms with each room having a certain issue that comes up and needs to be fixed.
In accordance with the idea of having a room where issues come up in, We decided to have them as server rooms in the building.

Each server room having a unique cyber threat that the player has to defend against.
full game view of secure inc
The rooms with the de-saturated green walls are the server rooms
We ended up being the first runners up for SEGAMATHON 2017. We definitely learnt a lot from the experience and will probably be putting that to good use in the future game jams we will be taking part in.
You can get the game HERE ( Warning: full of bugs...haven't squashed them all yet  ).